Need A Deep Tissue Massage?

Sometimes, you need a little something extra to get you back into shape. At times like these, a regular massage just won’t cut it and you need something more intense.

If you’re experiencing any of these 5 symptoms, a deep tissue massage is for you:

  • Headaches, with neck and shoulder strain
  • Constantly feeling stiff when moving around
  • Waking up in the middle of the night from cramps
  • Constantly feeling stressed and anxious
  • Muscle aches and pains every waking moment

By targeting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, where your tension and discomfort are, we can massage it out and have you walking out feeling new.

If you enjoy the ‘good’ type of pain that comes with massages, stretches, and working out — a deep tissue massage will be perfect for you.

But if you’re injured or looking to boost your athletic performance, a remedial massage or sports massage will be the better option.


Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massages

  • Relieve sciatica & lower back pain
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Decrease your levels of stress
  • Improve physical performance
  • Reduce tension in your muscles
  • Helps relieve pain from arthritis
  • Break down your scar tissue
  • Increase your mobility

Why Choose Us

When your muscles are aching, your back is hurting, and your headache is pounding…

You’ll want a deep tissue massage that puts your body back into shape and leaves you feeling like a new you.

At Peak Performance, our priority is your health’s improvement. We’re not about using fancy techniques or technologies (unless of course they work!). We’re all about doing whatever it takes to get your body back to its peak.

What discomfort are you feeling right now?

Depending on your condition, we’ll vary your deep tissue massage treatment. Our goal is for you to experience quick wins. This means you’ll be feeling better after your first session.

We understand that you want to get back to your usual daily life, without the constant discomfort and pain.

That’s why we give you take home exercises to continue improving in your own time.

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Ready to stop living uncomfortably and start performing at your peak?

Alternative Services

Don’t want a deep tissue massage? Well, one of these might be what you’re after…

Sports Massage

Are you an athlete that wants an edge over the competition? Increase your recovery time and maximise your performance.

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Remedial Massage

Have an old or new injury that’s giving you pain and discomfort? Check out our remedial massage therapies.

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Trigger Point Massage

Have knots in your muscles that just won’t go away? Or have pains that you just can’t explain? Check out our trigger point therapy

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Other Services

We offer more than just typical massages and therapies. Have a look at some of our other offerings by clicking the link below.

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Hear what some of our happy clients have to say...

Had the most amazing massage from Janette. I honestly didn’t think I’d walk out of one massage feeling better. From being in so much pain to it being completely gone an hour later. Wow! Coming back

-Kristen Brennan

I cannot recommend peak performance highly enough. Nadine in particular.. she is just magic. I have many muscular problems and she finds every one of them lol.. and then one by one works on them. She is brilliant.. I can walk a little better each time I see her. Thank you so much Nadine.. I truly appreciate what you do.. I now have a permanent fortnightly session and i don't have insurance to cover it.. but it's worth every cent to me and more... this is my priority.. for me

-Lynne Aldridge

After many years of suffering from sore, stiff and painful neck and shoulders I have finally found a massage that works! Not only do I have instant results but I find it is holding the relief for so much longer! I rate this business a 10/10. It is not all decked with all the bells and whistles like many massage places but it doesn't need all that! The staff know their stuff and that is what makes me recommend them! Stop wasting your money at other places that only give short term relief! You won't be disappointed with Peak Performance!

-Elizabeth Ross

Fantastic! I'm a Gravity Enduro mountain bike racer and I've been coming here for over a month. They have a big bag of techniques that they're use liberally to get deep into every problem area I have. They also supplement the work they do by instructing me on specific stretches and self massage techniques to use in between visits. As they are the owners/operators of their business, they are the best priced of any massage therapists I've been to in Australia by a long way. I recommend them to anyone I know and I recommend them to anyone I don't know.

-Ashley Skyring


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1. What is it like to get a deep tissue massage?

    You will feel some level of pain. But clients often describe this as a ‘good’ pain.The level of pain will not make you tense up, instead it’ll be similar to stretching. You’ll need to breathe into the areas being massaged to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.If it becomes too uncomfortable, feel free to ask your therapist to go a little softer.Creating a feedback system is important. Let your therapist know if you want more pressure or less pressure. As you may have areas more sensitive than others.
  • #2. Why does a deep tissue massage feel painful but satisfying?

    Like the name suggests, the massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue in your body.To reach these deeper layers, more pressure is required compared to a regular massage.Because of the added pressure, there may be some ‘pain’. But because this allows you to treat areas to an extent that a regular massage can not, it feels good that the area is being treated. It’s the perfect treatment for breaking up scar tissue and releasing chronic muscle tension.

Constant muscle aches? Recently experienced an injury? Or just looking to relax?

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