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Experiencing muscle aches? Joint paints? Or even suffered a sporting injury?

At Peak Performance we provide massage therapy to our clients throughout Brisbane to Gold Coast. Our goal is to help your body recover through massage therapy and to bring you back to peak performance.

This means getting back to the sports you love, living your life unhindered, and living without discomfort.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Feeling constantly stressed
  • Postoperative pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Tense muscles
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor range of motion

If you’re being affected by any of these, or if you have any other discomfort — feel free to get in touch with us for a 100% free quote.

why choose us?

Do you want the best massage therapy in Brisbane and Gold Coast?

At Peak Performance, our priority is your health’s improvement. We’re not about using fancy techniques or technologies (unless of course they work!). We’re all about doing whatever it takes to get your body back to its peak.

Are you experiencing pain right now?

When you work with us, you’ll be experiencing quick wins. This means results in as little as one session.

We understand that you want to get back to vyour usual daily life. That’s why we focus on strategies that deliver results ASAP.

By focusing on each individual factor that combines to become the discomfort you’re facing, we’re able to improve your health faster.

And instead of leaving you with nothing more than a come back in 7-days parting, we give you exercises and strategies to apply between sessions. This means you experience relief and improvements even when you’re not with us.

Start improving your health today.

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Our Easy 4-Step Process

1. Examination & Detection

We’ll examine your discomfort and work with you to find out the root cause of it. This may include performing several movements to find potential problem areas.

2. Postural Review

To further assess possible areas that may be causing your discomfort, we will review your body’s alignment and posture.

3. Primary Treatment

Once we determine the main causes of your discomfort, we will commence treatment for the primary causes.

4. Secondary Treatment

Most discomforts have more than one cause. After the primary cause is tackled, we’ll focus on secondary causes. This allows you to enjoy long lasting relief.

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Ready to stop living uncomfortably and start performing at your peak?


Hear what some of our happy clients have to say...

If you have aches and pains sore muscles see the staff at Peak Performance they are the best they defiantly know what they are doing can’t recommend them high enough worth more than 5 stars

- Kayla Johnston

Rachel and Jason are very good at sorting out sore muscles. Highly recommended if you need an effective sports massage.

-Dawid Oosthuizen

Awesome remedial massage, has helped relieve some Long term back pain in one treatment, Definitely Recommended.

- Kerstie Victorsen

I can’t say enough about you guys.
I highley recommend you, can’t wait for my next massage.

-Jo Cooper

Rachael is THE best ever! I have been coming here for several years now.

-Tina Vercoe

I visit Peak Performance fortnightly and since going have noticed a massive difference in my general well-being and my muscle recovery as I play sport 4 times a week plus general excercise

-Emily Jaenke

Our family have been recieving remedial massages from Rach and Jason for the past 6yrs. We would not go anywhere else. Great friendly family business worth on hour out of your weekly schedule give your body what it deserves. Thanks guys

-Angela McLaren

This couple are awesome. They take their time.. they know what they’re doing.. and i recommend them very highly.

-Lynne Roach

Ive been going to Rach and Jay for the last 5 years they are both wonderful masseuse. They know their job inside and out and i always walk away feeling amazing. Recommended them for all your aches and paons

-lisa Townsend

I have been going to Jason and he is absolutely amazing! I would recommend Peak Performance to everyone, you wont leave disappointed after a session!

-Samantha Sorrenson

amazing friendly loved the experience going back again soon

- Shane Ollerenshaw

You don’t have to be a star athlete to want to reduce aches and pains, increase endurance or perform at your best. If you want to be the best you can be then this is the place for you!

-Nicky Marr

I had a shoulder seizing up and this place fixed it. Also nice people

-Hearth Witch 1111

Worked wonders with the problems I was having with my back

- Leonie Johnston

Many of our team members see Rach and Jase down at Peak Performance. Whether it’s sciatica, neck and shoulders or lower back – these guys have the skills to sort it out!

- BES IT Systems

Had my first massage by Rach and i was extremely happy. I am looking forward to more. Thank you

- Kathryn Cornish

Good massage for relaxing

-alen p

Absolutely the best place to go for massage, always walk out feeling 100 times better

-Jade Hollier

My son recently endured his shoulder at a Friday night swim meet and was extremely uncomfortable. Jason went out of his way on the weekend to treat him and provided instant relief. Excellent service and skills second to none. Thank you!

-Alison Russell

Leonie is amazing! The rest of the team are very nice as well!

-Wendy Howitt

Love the guys at Peak Performance, they certainly know how to get the body flexible and working again, with some serious hip issues and lower back pain, I know that a visit to PP will me have standing tall and mobile again! Thanks Jason!

-Sue Inch

I highly recommend Peak Performance Sports & Remedial Massage.The staff are very friendly, accommodating to your individual needs and is very reasonably priced. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

-Cheyanne Hunt

Great staff, great service. Can’t live without my regular massages now since coming to these guys. Highly recommend.


Amazing, felt so relaxed after, i saw Steve.

-Matty P

Love this place. My husband and I have both visited peak performance. I see Janette and always leave feeling amazing and way better movement range. Even the 15min sessions in collaboration with our bootcamps are fantastic.

-Megan Anderson

Cannot recommend highly enough! Jason is a miracle worker! Very caring and knowledgeable. I can’t believe the improvement I have had in just 2 sessions. Thanks Jason!

-Kristy Johnston


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can anyone have a massage?

    Yes, massage therapy is suitable for all age groups from babies to the elderly. We massage children who play a lot of sport to the elderly who just want help with aches and pains associated with getting older. There is a massage suited to everyone. Discuss this with your therapist so they can develop a treatment to suit you.

  • 2. What should I expect at my first visit?

    Arrive at least 15 minutes early if this is your first visit as you will be asked to fill out a health history form. It is important to list all health concerns and medical conditions so the therapist can tailor the treatment to suit your body. 

    The therapist will then ask you some general questions in regards to what problem areas you have.

    During your first session with the therapist, it is important that you feel comfortable. So if you need anything changed such as the pressure of the massage or if you are feeling too hot or cold, please do not hesitate to tell your therapist. 

    We want this to be a great experience for you and we will be more than happy to comply with any of your requests.

  • 3. What should I wear during my massage?

    Depending on the technique your therapist is using, you may or may not need to undress. 

    For a full body massage, most get undressed down to their underwear. Don’t worry, you will be well-covered with a towel, except for the area that is being worked on. Your therapist will give you time to undress in private and get comfortable on the table.

  • 4. What do I do during my massage?

    Make yourself comfortable. Some people like to close their eyes and relax during a massage, while others like to talk with their therapist. Your therapist will chat with you during your massage to check if you are okay, to ask you to adjust your position or to work on a different area.

    Make sure you let them know if you need the pressure or temperature changed at any moment. 

    Don’t hesitate to ask the therapist any questions that you may have.

  • 5. What will my massage feel like? Will it hurt?

    It will depend on the type of technique used. 


    A relaxation massage will not hurt, it will calm your nervous system and relax your muscle tension. 

    As your body becomes more relaxed, pressure will be gradually increased to relieve areas of muscle tension. 

    But for a deep tissue or remedial massage, more pressure is applied. This means it may feel a little sore or uncomfortable. Pain can be an indication that the muscle is injured or inflamed so pressure can be adjusted accordingly to get deeper into the muscle for greater results.


  • 6. How often should I have a massage?

    The recommended length of time between massages varies from person to person. 

    If your massages are just for relaxation, then monthly sessions may be suitable for you.

    If your massages are for a specific problem, then more frequent sessions would be required until you achieve a level of improvement that allows you to go down to a maintenance schedule. 

    Your therapist will also discuss exercises and how often you should do them. They may also provide you with tips such as stretching, ice or heat packs, and gels to ease inflammation and help speed up your recovery.

  • 7. How will I feel after my massage treatment?

    Most people feel very relaxed, or experience a decrease of aches and pains, and others may experience greater mobility. This depends on your initial problem.

    Note: Some individuals may need several treatments before dramatic results can be felt.

    If you had a deep massage you may feel sore for a few days. An inflammatory gel will help with this. You can also use showers, heat packs, or hot Epson salt baths to ease your body. This encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the massage treatment.

    It is very important to drink plenty of water after your massage. This helps to flush out any toxins and keeps your body hydrated and healthy.

    Our therapists use water based oils. This means there is no friction on the surface of your skin and minimises irritation.



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