All About Dry Needling For Knee Pain

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling involves the insertion of a thin needle into tight muscles in your body. Dry needling improves tissue healing and restores muscle functions.

How Does The Process Work?

Dry needling will create a lesion in the tight muscle. This will start a process of remodelling inflamed soft tissue. Injured tissue will be replaced with fresh tissue as a result of this process. Dry needling is so effective because it encourages the body to fix the injury and reduce the pain associated with the condition. The entire process is painless with no medications injected. 

Benefits Of Dry Needling


1. Relieving Pain And Muscle Tightness 


Dry needling targets trigger points in the area to reduce pain in the specific area. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain, the therapist will insert dry needles into the trigger points in the area. These needles will release tension, inflammation, pressure, and chemicals in the muscles that cause pain. This will result in an improved range of motion and immediate pain relief. 


2. Improved Range Of Motion 


Dry needling will reduce tension and pressure in the affected area. It helps improve the range of motion in the area. Athletes need fluid movements and a full range of motion for the success of their sport. A baseball player needs a full range of motion in the shoulder area. When you constantly throw a ball, a lot of stress gathers in the shoulders. It’s important to relax the shoulder muscles to reduce tightness in the area. Dry needling is important for this purpose. It will help reduce pain in the shoulders and improve the overall functioning of the shoulders. That way you won’t feel a constant discomfort in the shoulders or any other injury.


3. Speeding Up Recovery 


The recovery process is the longest part anytime you suffer an injury to a muscle. Some injuries need much longer recovery periods than others. Regardless of the injury, we all are quite anxious to get back to full strength as soon as possible. Dry needling is helpful to experience quicker pain relief and improve your range of motion. This is considered to be one of the best advantages of the dry needling process. It will speed up the healing process compared to most of the other treatment options out there. That’s why you need to rely on dry needling for muscle injuries. If you’d like to try trigger point massage or dry needling, contact Peak Performance Massage today!