Deep Tissue vs Relaxation Massage

Are you suffering from pain that’s just never-ending?

In most cases, people think it’s well and dandy, suggesting a massage in response to the back pain you are feeling. But what sort of massage are they suggesting?

What’s the difference between relaxation and deep tissue massage?

Well, the simple answer is pressure.

Want a soothing massage that’s light and gentle enough to make you fall asleep while on the table? Relaxation massage can assist you with that.

Do you feel some strain, and after a massage, want some of the problem spots kneaded and ease your aching muscles? Relaxation massage can help you do that, too.

Want a pick-me-up? Or are you craving that good-pain feel? Well, if you are game for firm pressure from the knuckles and elbows, a Deep Tissue massage would be excellent for your needs.

Maybe that sounds a bit intense for your liking, but you are still chasing after a little pressure, good length, and flow in focused strokes tackling rough spots? Deep Tissue is also ideally suited for you as well!

Deep tissue massage

Just like remedial, deep tissue massage broadly uses the same type of techniques and strokes but more firm, with more pressure for hitting deeper muscles. It may be tense, but deep tissue enthusiasts describe the technique as ‘good pain.’ It’s equivalent to if not extra relaxing compared to remedial massage, but you will be feeling some aches the following day (though they will be good aches, of course…) plus this massage is excellent for athletes and anybody that wants to recover from vigorous exercise.

Remedial massage

This massage is targeted at a particular body area, whereas deep tissue massage is all about pummelling. Remedial massage does not require firm pressure, particularly if the individual is recuperating from an injury.

Which massage type is right for you?

If somebody is recuperating from a shoulder injury per se, a deep tissue massage will definitely assist, but it won’t be offering similar targeted advantages like a remedial massage since it will not be focusing so much on the joint’s finer structure, muscles, and ligaments. A remedial massage physician will take the time to find improvements or deterioration in the affected area so that the customer can make progress.

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