Top 4 Reasons to Get a Sports Massage

Not sure if you should get a sports massage?

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide, remember that no massage will do you harm. They’re all going to feel amazing by releasing tension in your muscles, reduce discomfort or pain, and relax your mind.

But in terms of sports massages, they’re the perfect choice if any of these top 4 reasons speak to you…

#1. You’re an athlete

As the name ‘sports massage’ suggests, it’s designed for athletes who participate in sport.

Whether you’re a professional basketball player, an amateur boxer, or even a Tuesday after work soccer player…

A sports massage can help boost your performance so you recover faster, move better, and beat the competition.

#2. Flexibility and mobility is an issue

Finding it hard to touch your toes?

If you’re not as flexible as you like and you’re finding it harder to perform movements like you’re used to — you need a sports massage.

As you continue to train your body, your muscles tighten and your range of motion decreases.

But sports massage techniques such as pumping your muscles through specific strokes and manually getting your muscles moving, it’s possible to increase your mobility.

#3. Reduce delay on muscle soreness (DOMS)

After an intense workout, you just know that two days from now you’ll be in absolute agony.

But as an athlete you know that stretching after your workout can help flush out lactic acid. But stretching by yourself with just a wall to hold or maybe even some resistance bands can only do so much.

With a sports massage, your therapist will be the one helping your body’s circulation and promote the flushing of lactic acid from your muscles.

If a speedy recovery to get back to training ASAP is a priority to you, definitely book a sports massage.

#4. You’ve injured yourself

Whether you’ve injured yourself playing sports, accidently rolled your ankle on a stray rock, or even if you just woke up with a stiff shoulder…

A sports massage therapist has the anatomy knowledge to determine the root cause of your discomfort and treat it. This might mean locating trigger points which are causing the pain to radiate, or even finding muscle imbalances that are causing repeated injury.

Book a sports massage today to get your body into peak performance