What’s The Difference Between A Deep Tissue Massage And A Sport Massage

Thinking of getting a massage but can’t decide which one to get?

You’ve probably seen names like remedial, trigger point, deep tissue, sports etc. If you’ve never had one of these before, just being faced with all these different types can be intimidating enough.

While all of these have different purposes, they all are ways of manually stimulating your muscles and making you feel better.

Two of the most popular massages are deep tissue and sports massages. As the name suggests, sports massages are aimed at athletes.

But what other differences do deep tissue massages and sport massages have?

Sports massages are geared towards performance

What this means is that the goal of the massage is to maximise your body’s functions for your specific sport.

This could mean healing an injury you received, working out sore or tense spots, and increasing your recovery speed. Depending on your body’s condition and the sports you participate in, treatments will vary between individuals.

On the other hand, deep tissue massages are focused on making you feel better. This could still mean helping you with an injury, but the focus is not on improving for a specific sport.

Deep tissue massages are better for newer discomforts

A deep tissue massage is better suited for stiff muscles, small knots, and other minor discomforts.
But if you’ve been feeling this discomfort for a longer period of time, this might mean there’s a bigger problem at hand. This could be the build up of tension and load that results in more intense knots that would require a sports massage instead of a deep tissue massage.

For these older discomforts which require a sports massage, several techniques such as trigger point release, stretches, and movements might be used to help your condition improve.

Sports massage therapists focus more on anatomy

This isn’t to say that a sports massage therapist can’t be a deep tissue massage therapist, or vice versa. But rather, if the therapist is a certified sports massage therapist — it means that they had to participate in certain studies to become qualified.

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